First Impressions

Exploring the New iTero® Element™ Scanner with Dr. David Couchat


The iTero Element Scanner is the latest intra-oral imaging technology from Align Technology, Inc. Powered by a new touchscreen interface, the system offers a sleek, minimalist appearance. Both the software and hardware have been reengineered and redesigned from the base up. Another noteworthy change is the elimination of the foot-pedal, with all of the scanning inputs driven from the redesigned wand.

We recently caught up with Dr. David Couchat, a French orthodontist and frequent lecturer for Invisalign®, to talk about the new scanner. Dr. Couchat has been involved with the beta-testing of the iTero Element Scanner, and has been using it on his Invisalign cases for a number of months.

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Digital Citizen

The Digital Practice and the iTero® Element™ Scanner
Based on presentations given by Dr. Francesco Garino.


You refer to your practice as a ‘digital’. How did you get to this point?
When I first considered going digital, I felt like I was looking at a maze. It was overwhelming. So I broke it down to three basic questions. How will it impact my workflow? How will it impact my patients? How will it impact my staff? The more I looked at it, the more the words time and efficiency kept coming up.

For me, the scanner was a way to close the loop on what was already a digital practice. With the scanner, I was not only adding a new tool to my clinical repertoire, but anticipating potential needs and trends with my patients. I don’t want to work quickly, but I want to work efficiently. These were the things I had in mind when I sat down with my business partner, who was also my dad, to discuss whether a digital scanner made sense.

Ultimately we decided yes, and so we went with the iTero. At the time, it was the only scanner with certified interoperability with Invisalign®.

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Beyond the First Impression

Dr. Jörg Schwarze Explains the Hidden Benefits of Digital Impressions


It’s no secret that digital impression systems like the new iTero® Element™ Scanner are light-years ahead of the traditional, tray-and-putty impression process. The accuracy of digital impressions is considered beyond compare, while the actual process is significantly faster and less labor intensive. While enhanced accuracy, shorter procedures and more-consistent impressions are the primary benefits of upgrading to digital, there are some clinicians who think the secondary benefits might carry more value.

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The Transformative Technology You’ll Wish You Discovered Sooner

By Dr. Bret Jacobson

Shortly after I made the switch from film to digital x-rays, I had the realization that I should have done it sooner. Today it’s hard to find a practice that still uses film. I had the same feeling when I made the switch from PVS to digital impression taking with my iTero® Intraoral Scanner. I recall thinking “I should have done this years ago – my life would have been so much easier!” Recently I’ve been using the new iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner. Let me tell you, if you’ve been waiting to make the move to digital, this is the time, and this is the scanner. Not only will it make your life easier, it will allow you to increase your level of care.

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The Peace of Mind That Comes with Peering Into the Future. The Outcome is Simulated. The Impact is Genuine.

By Dr. David Galler

When speaking about all the benefits that come with digital impressions, a lot gets said about the speed of the process, the enhanced comfort for the patient and the overall accuracy of the impression. As an owner of an original iTero® scanner, and now one of the new iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanners, I can confirm those are indeed tangible benefits. Yet I’ve found one of the most important benefits often gets left out of the discussion, and that’s the peace of mind that can be generated using the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator.

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