iTero two millionth scan


October 2017, San Jose -The iTero Element® scanner has passed another scanning milestone with two million scans having been submitted since the scanner was introduced in 2015.  The iTero Element scanner achieved one million scans submitted in February 2017, just two years after launch. The rapid growth of the scanner and increased utilization have helped achieve this milestone in one quarter of the time it took to submit the first million scans.

The two millionth scan was submitted by Dr. Dani Benyaminy, DDS, of Los Angeles, CA. “The iTero Element has been a huge benefit to my practice, with its stunning 3D visuals that really ‘wow’ patients – not to mention the fast, accurate results that save me time and money,” said Dr. Benyaminy.

The iTero Element scanner has allowed me to spend more time with my patients and provide them with better outcomes, which has helped me build a more successful practice overall.”

Since its release, the iTero Element has seen expanding functionality in addition to the continuous uptick in scans performed. These advances have shown the excellence and ability of the iTero Element and positioned it as a leader in intraoral scanning technology.

“The acceleration of the scan submissions is remarkable, as reaching our one millionth scan submission in under two years was fast – but attaining an additional million submissions in six months is astonishing. Our commitment to innovation, patient outcomes and customer service supports our rapid growth,” said Rob Walker, General Manager North America. “The iTero Element is a proven digital technology, which has allowed practices to enhance their patient care and enable practice growth.”

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