What’s New from the iTero® Element™ Scanner


With advanced settings for preventive procedures, restorative dentistry and Invisalign®, the iTero® Element™ Scanner delivers an impressive range of treatment solutions. Predictable, reliable and accurate, it simplifies work flows, enhances software applications and includes patient-focused features to increase case acceptance. For the ultimate scanning experience, nothing beats the iTero Element Scanner!

Cart-Handle-Align-iTero-021715-22812--Color Quad Prep NEW R5 cropped.png

Restorative Pre-Treatment Scanning

Scan and capture the patient’s pre-treatment dentition and the preparation site in a single scan to provide CAD/CAM enabled labs. This allows the option to use the patient’s own teeth as a starting point for the final restoration.

Optimized Orthodontic Scanning

Real-time scan feedback is now available, providing guidance to areas that require additional scans before processing the case. This guidance saves valuable time and avoids the need to re-scan due to missing data. Improved visualization of the dentition, preparation, margin and soft tissue allows clinicians to capture critical details.

Real-time Scan in Color

Visually distinguish between gingival and tooth structures for a more precise clinical evaluation during and after the procedure.

Schedule an in-office demonstration of the iTero Element Scanner online at itero.com or by calling 800-577-8767.


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