The New Invisalign® Outcome Simulator 4.0

Often Imitated. Never Simulated.

Exclusive to the iTero® Element™ Scanner, the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator gives you a fun and engaging way to communicate the potential benefits of Invisalign treatment while increasing case acceptance. Simulated outcomes make it easy to show the benefits possible with Invisalign and may motivate greater patient acceptance.


Cart-Handle-Align-iTero-021715-22812--Color Quad Prep NEW R2 with words.png

3D Progress Tracking

At any time during treatment, clinicians will now be able to compare a patient’s new scan with a specific stage of their ClinCheck treatment plan to visually assess and communicate treatment progress.


Send Simulation to Treatment Center

Clinicians will be able to send the patient’s simulated final outcome to the Invisalign Treatment Team as a projected simulation providing final position guidance to the Treatment Technician.

shutterstock_423495442-r2Patient Simulation Sharing

Clinicians will be able to share the patient’s 3D simulated Invisalign treatment outcome through a password protected patient portal. The 3D simulation can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Schedule an in-office demonstration of the iTero Element Scanner online at or by calling 800-577-8767.



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