Why I Love My iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner

Author: Dr. Alain Souchet


For the past six months, I’ve been using daily the new iTero Element Scanner. It has been part of my digital evolution as I have been an avid user of the first version 2.5 of the iTero intraoral scanner since February 2011. The latest version is faster and simpler. Here are the reasons I like it.

Use and Ergonomics:

  • The touchscreen is easy to use as it works like a smartphone
  • I can zoom, rotate and manipulate the onscreen 3D image with two-fingers while explaining to the patient
  • The IOSim (Invisalign® Outcome Simulator) works like an apps. It is for me the BEST feature of the scanner
  • No foot pedal to worry about
  • It can be easily moved around the practice
  • More and more patients find it “normal” in a digital era


  • The quality of digital impression is more accurate than a PVS one (Polyvinyl siloxane)
  • Scans can be retouched in front of the patient
  • Refinements are fast and easy
  • Consequently the lab never asks for a second impression
  • I don’t have to subject my patients to an uncomfortable mouthful of “gooey dough”


  • The workflow with Invisalign is very fast
  • I can have a complete, full-mouth impression in under 10 minutes, even 5 minutes
  • STL file are available and transmittable through aligntech.com to third-party labs
  • No impression shipping delays to worry about
  • Great Align Technology support

It is a valued communication system to interface with patients, and moreover a great showing-and-selling tool. It is part of my orthodontics practice and I do not see any going back.


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