Can You Set an iTero Iron Records Challenge World Record?


Did you know that…

  • The Official Record for the largest collection of toothpaste tubes is 2,037
  • The tallest house of cards ever stood 75 stories high
  • Or that the most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute is 35

That’s okay, those world records probably don’t mean much to you. But it might interest you to learn that during our iTero® Iron Records Challenges at the ADA Meeting and the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the fastest, full-mouth scan (capturing 2 mm of gingival tissue, the distal surface of the terminal teeth, the interproximal surfaces, solid incisal anatomy, the correct bite registration and the occlusal surface) with an iTero® Element™  Scanner stands at 1:37 seconds.

But here’s the amazing thing…this record has stood for just three days of iTero Iron Records Competition. This means it’s likely to be broken. The question is…by who? Not only will setting the iTero Iron Records Challenge record put you in the pantheon of the world’s fastest scanners, but it could also win you a fabulous prize, including an Apple Watch®.

So don’t let your chance at greatness pass you by. Come try your hand at the iTero Iron Records Challenge at the CDS Midwinter Meeting at Booth 3847, this February 25 – 27. After all, setting the fastest scan record might not be as prestigious as owning the largest usable golf club (14ft 5 inches), but it will probably be a whole lot more useful!

Click for challenge details as well as highlights from the past iTero Iron Record Challenges!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter during the event for updates and scan times.



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